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Residents Forum Committee

Food Committee was launched back in August 2013. Based on the consultations the Home had with the residents and their families and friends, it was felt that the dining experience would be more enjoyable if the menus were entirely based on the preferences of our residents.

The food committee meets regularly once a week and our Head Chef Loraine chairs the meeting. The committee is comprised of our residents. They can either attend or send ideas even issues to be discussed. Menus, recipes, meal times, cutlery and condiments are discussed and changes are made on the residents recommendations.


Dining times are flexible as we wanted to get away from the usual regimented set times and the residents can have their meals in their rooms if they prefer to do so.

We also have waitress service to the table where orders are taken and choices are made by the residents then and there.

The menus offer more extensive choice of meals and side orders, plus the option for an alternative choice if nothing on the menu tempts them.

And not to forget a monthly theme night based on the residents choice.

We cater for all types of specialist diets and have received a 5 Star rating from Environmental Health for the last 4 years.


All the bedrooms are single en-suite, of very good sizes and tastefully decorated.

But the residents can if they wish decorate the rooms to their own preferences.

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