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Dementia Care

Living with dementia is difficult and many people don't know where to turn. That's where we come in. We have a team of fully trained staff to deal with all sort of different forms of dementia.

Our philosophy is one that is truly focused on the person, their individual choices and preferences. We do believe that each person with dementia is still themselves and we focus on their experience and feelings.

Castletroy's environment is continuously being adjusted to provide the best possible environment to ensure a good quality of life and experience. We can offer support and placements to all degrees and stages of dementia. Over 75% of our occupancy is Dementia Care.

Residents benefit from single bedrooms with en-suite bathroom. We have various communal rooms' available and there is access to our secure gardens. Our facility is designed to give comfort and help with the orientation.

Staff are trained in Dementia Care to provide person centred care and take account of the wishes and feelings of each person.

Specialist Dementia Care at Castletroy

We aim to provide a coordinated service and work with the person, their family, friends, professionals and the other organisations to achieve a good quality of life.

We offer competitive rates and offer places for privately funded individuals as well as Health and Social Services placements. All admission at Castletroy - Dementia Care, must have a diagnosis of dementia. We offer: Short Stay, Holiday, Emergency and Long Term Care to adults (18 - 59) and older people (60+).

We can not stop dementia but we can offer a safe environment where people living with dementia can thrive.

We are always ready for your visit. Please come and look around at any time.

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