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Introducing at #Castletroy #Residential #Home #Skype to have an easy communications with #GP and #Ra

Introduction to Skype at Castletroy

We are now entering the digital era & embracing a new platform at Castletroy Residential Home to enable us to have effective communications with GP & Rapid Response Team via Skype in real time to assist in the medical & health aspects of our residents. Skype is a personal consultation between clinician(s) and patient. We will endeavour to provide privacy for this to take place.

The clinician will need to seek sufficient information from the patient and/or carer to confirm the identity of the patient before a consultation takes place. The clinician may share information with other healthcare providers to enable appropriate care to be provided to the patient. Data will be protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The patient has the right to decline Skype Consultation.

The new Skype platform can also be used for interaction with friends & family from a social aspect.

For more information on NHS Digital please visit:

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